My Story/old news

I graduated from Cumbria College of Art and Design in 2001. Prior to university painting was my main art focus, I believed that one of the traditional mediums would be where I ended up. Cumbria led me in all sorts of art directions and finally towards installation and drawing on a large scale. 

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I was selected for Northern Graduates in 2001 along with a handful of other students from University’s in the North of England, the exhibition was held at The New Academy and Curwen galleries in Fitzrovia, London. This spurred me on for many years, seeking out galleries to show my work, keeping a studio and to keep making.

I’ve shared art spaces, held a Fellowship at The Digswell Arts Trust (for 5 years), shared art studios at Euroart in Tottenham. I’ve been employed, unemployed, self-employed, done freelance work and been an associate freelance art technician, been involved in voluntary work, community projects as well as activism. I have a deep interest in music as a musician, writer and singer.

At the moment I’m making paintings at home.

Digswell studio 2008